2019-02-24DreamNihei Tsutomu Isekai
2019-02-24DreamIn the Aeroplane over Hinamizawa
2018-07-20MALThe city of MAL
2018-04-22MALMALstats 2 v0.02
2018-04-04MALMALstats 2 v0.01
2018-04-03MALMALstats 2 - Reborn
2017-12-28MusicDecember Music
2017-10-08MusicNext Music From Tokyo 11
2017-10-03MiscReal life anime
2017-09-09MusicGuitar stuff
2017-09-03SiteSite Redesign
2017-06-15ImgYume Nikki
2017-03-08MALMALstats v0.94
2017-02-23MALMALstats v0.93
2017-02-19MiscMaple Sap
2017-02-18ImgAssorted pixels.
2017-02-09MALMALstats v0.92.5 and Popularity vs Rating
2017-02-05Misc34 Hours in Tokyo
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