_North - [last.fm/mal/pixiv/rym/steam/vndb]
They call me, the spear.

Soldat - A fast paced 2d platforming shooter.
Yume Nikki - A surreal RPGmaker game where the user explores the protagonist's dreams.
☆24EFFECTS☆ - A compilation album inspired by the soundtrack to Yume Nikki.
Pinkerton - A deeply confessional and catchy power pop album by Weezer. Better than Blue Album.
Texhnolyze - A dark cyberpunk anime about an underground city about to erupt in chaos.
Shaolin Soccer - A sports comedy based on a group of brothers forming a soccer team with their shaolin skills.

If you ever see the following for sale, or anything Yume Nikki related that's interesting, please let me know. Thank you.

Email me at: underscorenorth@gmail.com