In the Aeroplane over Hinamizawa

I dreamt me and my single mother had moved to this small town, which was for some reason linked to Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane over the Sea. Our house was on the left side at the end of this dirt road, right across from this larger house where there were always people outside, I never found out if they were villagers, or tourists. My mother had already moved in and was at work, I had driven separately. Our house was this single floor, small, flat house that I found out was a common space and 3 bedrooms, with the other two bedrooms belong to other people when I entered the wrong room by mistake. It was a very dark, dusty, and at times damp as well. My mother worked a nurse for the nearby clinic and through my interactions with the villagers, I had begun to get an idea of how Jeff Mangum crafted his abstract lyrics. They rarely spoke directly and I had difficulty following conversations, they were a very cheerful bunch however. As the day went on though, I had begun a severe disconnect from reality trying to go through my day, even changing clothes I could not do as I lost focus and was bent over my bed, with my shirt pulled halfway up. It was then that these thoughts began invading my head everytime I acted out of order from the ideals of the town. Paranoia raised as I began to perceive dark undertones behind everyone's actions and it was that time that I decided to call in sick at work for the first time, at which I thought I was going to be late for work for real and woke up.