Nihei Tsutomu Isekai

I was with some friends I haven't hung out with for a long time. We were in a college dorm taking some drugs, for me, it was mushrooms and some sort of pill, possibly MDMA. After taking them, it was hanging around the dorm and nearby soccer field, just shooting the shit, and my growing paranoia that people thought I was going crazy. It was first the MDMA as my mind started racing and my actions were abrupt and then the psychedelics took over and I was washed away into an pseudo-isekai. I found myself in a party of 4 or 5 in a generic japanese RPG. This involved a mix of first person actions and third person actions like I was controlling a character. Things got convoluted however as I began exhibiting the ability to fly around and through buildings, which I mainly used to escape some sort of cyberpunk police. In some situations, the enemy was able to see me through buildings and the lush and open fantasy world gave way to a brutalist megastructure where I had to run through concrete stairwells and across rusting giant pipes. The flying and clipping was more subdued and came to sitations where my former party members were now stuck halfway into floors and walls, unable to escape. I had escaped and was able to see them through the walls, and they were brutally killed. My mind would go through large numbers of different non-linear scenarios until I had woken up.