Malstats v0.04

A slight fork in the overall completion, but something I feel is important.
Before I get into what that is, I'd like to write that the people table is mostly finished. After your list information is processed, it'll display the voice actors and staff that appear in your shows, ordered by most appearances. Currently you can go through the pages and do a search. Column sorting and VA/Staff filtering is not yet implemented.

The feature I'm going to add is the creation of groups. After having populated the DB with people from two different groups, it'd only be a matter of time before the results begin resembling MAL's, which is the opposite of my intention. I was going to have 2 sets of databases, one for the public, and one for the stream, but I figured it should be possible to support any number of groups. Essentially, people will create a group and password, and anyone with the password can add and remove users from the group. Basically it'll display the regular stats based off only the people in the group. Haven't figured out exactly how it'll be done yet, but will see.