Malstats v0.05

Alright, good progress today, excellent progress today actually. Malstats should be capable of running and providing somewhat a service now. I've been really skimping on catching errors and preventing sql injections so the next step will probably optimizing my code. The queue system has been fixed to hopefully never get stuck on processing a user again and an error catch saves shows that forwhatever reason can't be added to a txt file for me to read and then skipping to the next show.

The people table on the user page now properly sorts by avg rating, something I had an issue with and had two approaches, sort the array after and then select the entries to display, or have it sorted in the query, which I chose to do, using JOIN to attach the show's rating to the VA or staff member. However, this slows down searches heavily, I used indexing to take it down to about 2-4 seconds, still long, but bearable. Will have to see how else to improve speed further.

Over at groups, people can now add people to their groups. The user needs to be in this DB first and anyone looking at the group can add people. Once I implement the password feature, obviously only people who know the pass will be able to add and remove people. Currently it just displays a table of anime the group has seen, same as the one in global but smaller scale pretty much. Adding this was relatively easy and quick since it just combined my global anime table code with my user people table code. At this point, I think I got a good understanding of datatables processing side wise, still need to learn more about the api to allow for more advanced filters.

Goals after cleaning up will be:
Adding user table to group
Implementing the password in
Improving my blog post system (This should be a list, but writing out html tags on a vita is exhausting, already did it at least once)
Making table columns smaller and increasing rows shown
Making simple graphs with svg graphics

I asked two different groups to populate the DB so will see how it goes in the morning.