MALstats v0.40

Alright, how did MALstat's version number jump from 0.05 to 0.40 in 5 days? Well, the jump wouldn't have been so significant if I had properly set versions before hand. Pretty much every time what I did was add 0.01 whenever I added some feature and MALstats was more or less usable while I was away. I've put a little bit of thought into what I want my first complete edition to be and my current progress towards it, shown by:
User Group Global X
VA/Staff X
User Stats X X
Year Graph
Anime Stats X X

Out of the 15 categories, only 6 are considered "finished", which means I'm about 40% complete, and so, it's v0.40.

For what I've worked on since, let's begin: An amusing error I occurred earlier was that for days of anime watched, I multiplied episodes seen by total episode count to get the total minutes seen for a given user on a show. I had mistakenly told my html grabber to get the episode count of a show instead of duration, so someone who had seen for example, Bleach, would add 366x366 minutes, or about 93 days to their total days.