Malstats v0.70

I was going to write more periodic updates on this, but I also intended to finish all this quicker.
Firstly, the layout has been changed drastically, inverting from a dark and centred to a light beige and more full design.

So to summarise what happened:
Added a basic chat window on the main page to submit issues, will be replaced in the future with the query system
Global stats has been removed (Actually still accessible with the url), top 10 now displayed in the main page, this is to emphasise using groups for more detailed group stats
The queue now processes everything the old databaseupdate used to do, except hipster score since that's the only thing that needs to be updated for everyone when someone updates their list, this saves a lot of cpu usage
# Watch, Hold, Dropped, etc have been removed from the AnimeDB since they're not used
Season is now stored as a decimal (ex 2012.1 = 2012 Winter, 1994.3 = 1994 Fall), can now be easily applied to movies and other non-tv titles
The PeopleDB has been completely reworked and now consists of the VADB and soon to be StaffDB
The Jquery table library I was using has now been dropped in favour of my own for better customization
The VA table now can sort by name, # shows, # roles, Main role %, and avg rating, all of which are now calculated differently
The Anime table in groups now can sort by season, year, and/or decade and no longer scales from 0-10, but through a more natural calculation, which is avg(stdscore) * weight / avgweight * avg(std) + avg(avg), then slightly shifted and scaled if a show gets something below a 0 or above a 10
Temporary additions to the watchline include having the bar fill by source or studio, the colors are determined by MD5 hash for now so is hard to tell apart, especially for studios where there can be over 50 colors, some of them extremely similar to the other. I have a color code guide for the studios, but it's assistance is questionable. This was a quick add and I'll get it integrated better later.

At this point, I'm getting a lot closer to completion and have mostly everything figured out, it's just a matter of writing it in. Then there's also the styling I got to fix.