Pretty great buy today, my record store tried to get into the weeb market I guess and stocked up on a ton of anime about half a year ago, mostly 4-5 episode DVDs of Dragonball Z and Yugioh, but there were some good ones like box sets for Gungrave and Eva or collections like this one. They were a little pricey though, and getting all 4 DVDs of Neia_7 would've cost me 80$, I figured it was obscure enough that no one else would bother buying it and just waited for a sale or something. Come half a year and all their non boxset anime are going for 3 for 10$; I got the first two seasons of Inuyasha (54 eps) to round out my order to 20$. And with that comes the 3rd out of 4 yoshitoshi ABe anime to be added to my collection. Lain, I already have 2 artbooks for so its not a big priority to get them all. Surprisingly, these are still brand new despite their 2001 release and I did not expect the little pieces of artwork and paper stock cutouts. So a pretty good buy for me today, just a shame this was never released on Funi's Anime Classics lineup like Texhnolyze, Haibane Renmei, and Lain were.