Anime North

Anime North was good. Found some nice things
From left to right: Haruka Saigusa figure, Keroro Gunsou gunpla unassembled and still wrapped, Aku no Hana OP/EDs, Oyasumi Pun Pun vol. 1, Vamp-sama figure, and a new Yoshitoshi ABe artbook from last year. Not shown was a nice Kyousougiga poster and a Neko Atsume keychain.

My presentation went pretty well. I had a near full room which I did not expect in the slightest, I went through my presentation a lot quicker than my rehearsals, not only because I was speaking quickly, but because I cut out a bit of details. In the end I also did my rap, but because I never finished it, it was kinda bad, though I found it amusing that I was told to keep it down by the staff member for yelling so loudly. The rest of the presentation went to discussion about other things that can be looked at with metadata. A few of the people were really into it, there was a guy actually writing down notes, so I was quite satisfied, though I still have a lot to improve if I do this again next year. Will be a link to the presentation when it's uploaded.