PES Female Model

After 6 days of work, I finished making a female model for PES 2016, it's still pretty rough and has a lot of details to iron out, but it looks presentable for the time being. This method requires every player to load their own shirts, pants, arms, everything, which will bloat the cpk a bit, but filesize ain't really an issue. It also shouldn't be a memory issue since the original models will just be deleted, so it won't be loading two sets of arms for every player. Besides what the images and videos show, I just want to say, god bless shrink wrap modifier and later on, vertex snapping, probably wouldn't have completed this without those two tools.
lMR2aZp.jpg - Deleting some of the base models
VwZCSvR.jpg - Editing some of the base models
on868g8.png - Loading a shirt model through the face xml
sw2kXEu.jpg - Playing around to see what models loaded
ewmthx.mp4 - More shenanigans
ycsshk.mp4 - First attempts at boobs
dppjqv.mp4 - Bigger boobs
zmgsfm.mp4 - Redid everything with CM3D2 as base, tried adding boob textures
jfdmez.mp4 - Fine tuning from here on out