Dreaming Sarah

Got this game for 64 cents the other day, it was short so I decided to play it today; only 2 hours in length. The visuals were nice, Sarah looked cute, the worlds looked detailed and well sculpted. The audio was nice, nothing too amazing, but it wasn't played too soft with ambience and techno, some of the worlds had harder noise which was accompanied with an appropriate effect on the screen, which I liked. Being a dream world game, the areas don't have much in relation in each other, but unlike Yume Nikki, I have these suspicions in my head to how crafted these locations are. Yume Nikki has me playing like I'm in an actual dream whereas in Dreaming Sarah, it seems more like just random worlds that the creator thought of, which can be rooted in how more concrete these areas are. Another complaint I have is the hazardous environment, which only appears in 3 of the worlds. I feel like there isn't anything to add by having spikes and lava and whatnot that can harm you, it makes it feel more like a game, than a puzzle if that makes sense. There are also some small glitches when selecting effects, they don't affect game play at all, but pausing the game after jumping as fish (I believe that's how it went) and then changing back to human would make Sarah slightly angled for everything she does, she walks at 5 degrees CW, jumps at 5 degrees CW, even sits at 5 degrees CW. Overall though, it was enjoyable and relaxing, maybe not 5 dollars worth though (The normal price) for only having 2 hours of content with like no replay value, but that's probably just my cheapness.