MALstats v0.49

Posted this on mal again, this time it got attention and my userbase went from 50 to 250. Queue failed in the night from one user who I didn't but should've written down to figure out why. Added a temporary override that sets the queue to open if someones taking an hour to update. Added airing year plot to the timeline. Every dataset in the timeline now has the option of display or not now. Redid pacing once again, now alot simpler and is harder to hit the fast cap. This timeline can take a few seconds to load so I'll have to redo the whole thing and have it clientside. As I expected, people and animetable slowed down heavily with about 100000 entries each. Did a fairly major rework of the database. Firstly entried are now updated if they haven't been updated for a while, depending on their air status. A lot of the stats from the animedb aren't needed so they're removed. In their place, I'm adding source material and list of people to a show's tags. The peopledb now as a result only needs to list a person once, instead of an entry for each show they're in. This breaks the people table so I'll have to fix that after. Instead of just "none", movies now use the year they aired as their season info. This means I have to update the whole db, which I estimate to be about 10 hours. I expect something to go wrong in that timespan.