Spring 2016

Short thoughts on the season now that its over

Aggressive Retsuko - I just picked this up a few days ago, only 1 minute episodes, it seems to be at least 2 seasons long, Retsuko is cute, jokes are alright, will probably give a 2
Bungou Stray Dogs - Incredibly similar to Kekkai Sensen in atmosphere, which aired the same season last year by the same studio. Bones seemed to follow the same formula, but the characters weren't interesting enough to me for them to spend an episode on each. Confirmed season 2 might be better now that introductions are out of the way.I rated it a 3/10.
Joker Game - This was interesting to watch how the schemes were hatched and thwarted, the ability for Yuuki to appear around the globe at the perfect time was a little ridiculous, but he was the greatest spy in the world so I guess that works out. Curious how the rest of the series goes on and what happens to D agency, since obviously Japan lost WW2 and a lot of their intel got leaked and captured, which wouldn't have happened with these blokes around. Also a 3/10.
Kagewani: Shou - I didn't realise until a few episodes into this that Kagewani actually meant Shadow Crocodile, I knew what kage and wani meant, but I never would've thought the titular monsters were crocodiles. I don't know what to say, it kinda just got less exciting to watch in every manner, 2/10.
Kiznaiver - I hate childhood flashbacks, its such an annoying writing tool and its almost never done in a satisfying way, in that its usually reminding the viewer, not the character. Kiznaiver could've been pretty good, but it didn't deliver enough of what the premise promised. The dynamics between the characters weren't prominent enough for the later episodes to have emotional impact, what with the antics they were usually caught in, leaving the time they did have to talk to engage in their archetypical remarks and banter. OP and ED of the season though. 4/10.
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri - Snowpiercer meets Eotena Onslaught plus zombies, the first few episodes showed some good promise, I'm a fan of steakpunk and the mix with Edo era Japan created a refreshing world I've not seen in a bit. The character designs and personalities were all nice, and the show was going in a good direction. Everything was leading towards a 6/10 show, until Biba arrived and threw the show off the rails. Since the show was original, you didn't exactly know what was going to happen, but with the appearance of his presence, everything became clear as day, every plot point, every event, every action was taken straight from the book and this interesting world just became a replacable backdrop to this generic revenge plot that's been done so many times. In the end, I still give this a 4/10 for enjoying everything else.
Kyoukai no Rinne S2 - I'm actually about 5 episodes behind, but I think I'm enjoying this more than the first season, now that I've settled into it. Sakura remains such an odd character, always so emotionless yet still lively in a sense. The OP for this season is perhaps one of the worst I've heard, its completely incoherent and resembles a jumbled mix of melodies taken from the scrap bin. Like I said, I still got to watch 5 episodes, but it seems to be a 4/10 if it continues like what I've seen into the summer.
Mayoiga - This was my hype show of the season, every week, this was what I was waiting for. The show started out amazing, everything was just so absurd and played on the expectations of someone looking to watch a thriller horror. I'm still unsure whether this was intentionally a comedy or not because it's done with such deadpan, the characters are so caught in this bizarre show that they're too busy discussing in the most banal of topics for half the episode then deal with the situation they're in. The main character in particular, continuously displays his fantasies with one of the girls like he's straight off /a/ and the rest of the characters are also unafraid to speak their mind, no matter how crazy it is. Though the first half was incredibly fun, the show loses some steam when the back stories and explanations start kicking in and by the end, the show is so rushed the last scene doesn't even have time to fade to black. Masaki, the MC's interest,also becomes incredibly annoying midway as well. 4/10.
Sakamoto-san Desu Ga? - One of the few shows I read the manga before it became an anime (Actually I think it's the only), I had great fear that the adaption would be done poorly, and knowing DEEN was the studio only made it worse. But, coming off the success of Rakugo and Konosuba, they did a pretty good job actually, it was pretty much a clear cut copy of the manta in animated form and the voice acting was spot on. I actually didn't like Sakamoto's voice at all in the beginning, thinking it was the wrong kind of suave he should have, but it grew on me. The OP and ED were pretty plain and some of the stories were too drawn out and boring, but when Sakamoto was shining, he was a diamond at the Louvre. I also want to add that Fukase's voice was great, one of those one time voice actors who were meant for just that one role. 5/10.
Tonkatsu DJ Agetarou - My AOTS, I really enjoyed the art style and music of the show. I really enjoy shows about local music scenes, not just anime, but western movies too. There's something really homey about watching people play music for their community ans knowing all the people there. Agetarou is similar to your usual protagonist but he's a lot more human and relatable, he's humble and nice, but isn't a pushover and has ambitions and its great watching him get into the DJ scene. He could be a person I could actually see being friends with in real life. Speaking of friends, his buddies are a real crew, they all have their own separate careers but they're still great friends and help Agetarou out in ridiculous ways. I think I can summarize what I like about this show by the amateurness in it, because of that, it's a lot more relatable and everything becomes in reach, 6/10.
Uchuu Patrol Luluco - While I like Kiznaiver's visuals more, Luluco's OP's song is my favourite of the season. As expected of Trigger, they know how to make their shows look flashy and unique. I'm not sure why Trigger made this show, but I sure enjoyed it, the cute designs, the crossovers with their other works, the absolute chaos and absurdity, everything carries their trademark and there's not much else I can say that their reputation doesn't already (Actually, I'm just tired of writing this, its been over an hour and I'm still not done, I just want to get back to watching anime), 3/10.
I picked up two other shows, but only for their first episodes, Concrete Revolutio S2 and Big Order, I knew both would be crap but I still tried to give them a shot. Luckily I don't have the time I used to, so I quickly gave up on them. The one show I might pick up still is Re:zero, which I dismissed at the beginning of the season as some harem crap, but recently I'm thinking I made wrong judgement, will probably wait for the BDs.