MALstats v0.72

This was mostly done yesterday, but css for the front page on mobile now displays everything and doesn't overlap shit
AnimeDB now has a category for hipster score, meaning updating user's hipsterscore just requires taking the average of their shows, so it now calculates the hipster score for a show just once now per update, instead of multiple times.
Users now have their own anime list that shows the standard stuff, but unlike MAL's, this can sort by time to finish and also includes hipster score for that show, which is pretty much the opposite of how popular it is. You can use this to see if there's any shows that no one else in the DB has seen (A score of 100%). The user page is now cleaned up a bit, removed the tabs that aren't ready yet and fixed the issue of the divs loading in the navigation bar.
New global top 10s, most and least polarising anime. Top 10 lists now provide links to whatever they need to.
Some optimization for watch timeline, seems to cut processing time in half according to the php time stamping.
Fixed a bug in group anime list where ratings would change depending on the criteria.