MALstats v0.72.5

I plan on watching anime today, so no real work, I was able to make 2 important changes though real quick. Firstly, the way finish date for a show, previously if it was a completed show and the day of the month wasn't 0, it'd add that date, otherwise it'd be 0. For everything else, it'd take the last_updated timestamp. The finish date for a show is now considered regardless of it's watching status, so people who have finish dates for dropped shows now have that information inputted, there is the issue with people who don't have finish dates and rewatch shows, but that's a them problem. The second change is for the queue worker. After finishing up a user, it now checks the next person in queue, if they have no shows that'd have to be added to the database, it processes them as well, instead of waiting until the next minute. This loops until the next person has an show not in the DB. Requeueing everyone in the DB took about 5 minutes to do (65000 entries) instead of 2 hours.