Really fun game. Got it in the summer sale for like a buck, only played it today because I gifted it to my friend and he said it was great. And yeah, it is great. Everything about the game is high polish, even the retro graphics. The game runs super smooth, no glitches or bugs, hitboxes are fair and controls are responsive. With its 3 button controls and simplicity, I could see this game being great in an arcade cabinet. And since its a roguelike, it'd be turning bank with the number of times people will be dying. I don't know what it is yet, but the comboing in this game is one of the most enjoyable. Its not as rewarding and it doesn't help clear the level,but something about divebombing enemies feet first without touching the ground is much more appealing than getting through the level without taking damage, which is probably why I haven't beaten the game yet. The pallete changer is also really cool, not many other games use a single hue palette but this is something I wonder if it exists in other games. gud shit :ok_hand: