MALstats v0.76

Groups can now have a forward slash at the beginning of their name (For things like /a/), it was kinda working before, but it pretty much stored the name as a/ and then fixed it after, which meant you couldn't have a group with the name a/, this was pretty important but I put it off because it seemed like a challenge, which it didn't turn out to be, it was fairly easy to fix.
Adding a user through the group page will now queue them if they're not in the DB.
Timelines have now been fixed, instead of outputting to an sql db, it just saves it into a text file, which is still quick to write and load. I also figured out why file write wasn't working when I tried using it previously, apparently when it's called from crontab, the directory changes and so I have to use absolute paths for it to work.
Days Watched This Week changed to hours which seems like a better metric
The table in the user page displaying 10 people to beat in MAL days now displays how long it'll take, based on the current watch rate of the week.