MALstats v0.76.5

Timeline pacing now determined by how fast you watch compared to the air time of the show, previously just flat 1 ep/week was the base.
Added start/finish dates as categories to user anime lists
Added seasons as a category to group anime lists
Shifted the seasons a month, instead of using the traditional months for the season, it's Jan-Mar for Winter, Apr-Jun for Spring and so on. This fixes a problem where a show that aired in December of for example 2010 would be considered Winter 2010, even though Winter 2010 was at the beginning of the year.
Added links to other sites on the main page
Year scores now looks better on smaller screens
So apparently on Firefox, the main page looked like shit and half the javascript didn't work and no one mentioned this to me, it wasn't until I went on it at my friends house on Firefox that I noticed this. It should now all be working except for two things I haven't figured out yet, forms on firefox will submit, but won't pass data for some reason, and something's wrong with the year score rectangle svgs.