MALstats v0.87

Mostly UI fixes and changes.
The user page can now switch between a dark and light theme, making it my only usage of cookies on this whole site so far.
Recommendations was removed since it was just a quick hour project. It might be brought back in the future if I ever implement a tagging system (Like AniDB or a booru) that'd allow for better prediction.
Date completion % as well as Hours watched this week is now shown in user stats.
Hipster score is now explained in user page by hovering over.
Numbers in tables are now right aligned.
Anime list status row colors now more vivid.
Days to Finish no longer displays for shows without a start date (Meaning no more massive numbers in the thousands).
All incomplete dates are now grayed, if the finish date reflects the last episode watched, that is explained.
For VA and anime lists, there is a notification at the top to let users know that they can click on the table rows to expand them to see additional details.
Users can now fetch their episode history and rewatch data without having to go to the main page through their user page.
Episode history and rewatch data can only be fetched once a week.
All MAL links updated to HTTPS.

Thank you to Erengy (Developer of MAL tracker Taiga) for bringing up most of these issues.