MALstats v0.82

Fixed Top Watchers
Added weekly # users in DB
All shows in a user's list are now added, including PTW and shows with 0 EPs seen.
An interesting error I found was that though I'm now allowing PTW and 0 ep seen shows to be added, I didn't want shows that have no air date (Really new shows) so I just had it filter to shows with a start date above 0 (Unix Epoch) which I forgot is Jan 1 1970, so that meant shows before that date weren't added, so now instead of it being > 0, it's != 0, which is only a problem for shows that actually aired on Jan 1, 1970 (Doubtful any exist)
Rating filter now uses checkboxes instead of a range
Shows that had a negative time to finish are now shown by default (When the user finish date is before their start)
Queue list shows progress on a shorter interval, which makes it look cooler when processing data
User history is now graphed, I planned most of this out at work so it was just a matter of writing it out. It's gonna start looking bad and squished as the weeks come, but I have a fix that'll wait til then to write. Hopefully I'll have figured a good looking style for it too, the current one is 'alright', but not good enough.