More music purchases

This will be the last order I get for a while (hopefully, otherwise my wallet won't be recovering), this batch is probably my most j-popy.

Left to right, top to bottom:
Nami Tamaki - Make Progress, contains the 1st ED from Gundam Seed Destiny.
Supercar - Three out change!, nice shoegaze alt rock album from the 90s.
See Saw - Dream Field, contains the OP and ED from .hack//sign as well as the first ED from Gundam Seed.
Nana Kitade - Eighteen, contains the 2nd ED from FMA (2003).
Chieco Kawabe - Brilliance, contains the ED from Elfen Lied.
Zero no Tsukaima Theme Songs - All the OPs and EDs and some other songs.
Supercell - Today is a Beautiful Day, contains the ED from Bakemonogatari, this purchase in particular was interesting because I was expecting just a CD, but instead I got a limited edition I wasn't even aware of that contained an artbook, postcard, guitar pick, and some dvd. Pretty sweet that I also only paid 13$ for it.

Judy and Mary - The Power Source, contains the 1st OP from Rurouni Kenshin. I really enjoy this album's mix of headbanging noise and catchy melodies.

It may seem like I bought most of these albums for the one or two songs used in an anime, but I've listened to them in full and enjoy the whole album, in some cases I like the other songs more so than the one used in the anime.