Fall 2016

Ajin 2nd Season - Picked this up pretty much when it finished so I could marathon it and it kept up to the first season pretty well. Though by repeating what went well, it lost a bit of that spark of excitement; it could be boiled down to "What crazy plan does Saito have and why is the government so incompetent". Still, the show was definately better enjoyed marathoning than waiting every week after a cliffhanger. The ED song itself, I probably wouldn't have liked very much, but paired with the 2D silhouette visuals, created probably my favourite ED of the season. A strong 6/10.
Anitore! XX - Really, I only picked this up because I was caught into watching the first season, and thankfully it's short. There's not much to say that you couldn't find out from the cover and so, a 1/10.
Bernard-jou Iwaku - I don't know if this is some literary reference, but I don't really remember anyone calling her Bernard. The most I got out of this was some books that might be interesting to read, and for some reason, the ED, despite being so generic, was kinda catchy. 2/10.
Drifters - The show I think I had the highest expectations for, it was definately a fun show to watch that didn't delve too much into the expositions, or perhaps it might have, but well enough to not slow down that action. Nobunaga's character was done pretty well in his intent on creating firearms, something he desired and worked on for the whole show, like how he'd always send bodies to the sulfur pits and then not having to monologue on the creation of gunpowder, because his character was doing it for his sake, not for the viewer's. I'm definately wanting to see more on the other Drifters that didn't get much screentime, the Admiral in particular, so hopefully season two will feature more of him. Anyways, a fun show that doesn't try too hard, a 6/10.
Flip Flappers - Flipped and flopped, this show seemed to have a lot of promise, but was quick to show me how wrong I was, which is a shame. The show features interesting, bizarre, and surreal worlds alongside some good animation and character designs, but fails to use them right. To make it simple, the story is a mess, at times it's not coherent and characters behave in very shallow ways. The first half is pretty much World/Monster of the Week so there's little effort put into using these great looking worlds for some sort of value, instead, it's merely a backdrop that only reeks of pseudo-art. After that, when the story starts moving, is when it gets way worse though, because the characters have to act in a progressive manner, unlike in the previous "standalone" episodes, which shows how god awful they are. Out of the 13 episodes, I really only enjoyed one, which was actually quite good and at the time, I took it as a sign that maybe the show was getting its act together. An easy 1/10.
Gakuen Handsome - While the humor's not as sharp as the character's chins, on occasion I got good chuckles out of this show. It's pretty self aware but most of the time, still kinda dull, perhaps if I was more into the stuff it was parodying. 2/10.
Hibike Euphonium 2nd Season - Drama, the word that probably sums up this second season the most. The band as a whole is overshadowed by the woes and cries of a handful of people and from what it seems, tries to tie up the stories for the 3rd years now that they're leaving as well as the incident that occured in the past. Because of that, the show wasn't particularly impactful with the shit that'd occur almost every episode - should've had less character arcs. Still, the Kyoani touch keeps the show watchable, so a weak 4/10.
Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season - To be honest, I turned my brain off while watching this, I'm very well it's garbage, but because I picked up the first season and because it's so short, I felt obliged to spent another 40 minutes on this trash. 1/10
Nyanbo - God this show looks so neat, the VFX team really did a good job getting the nyanbos to exist in the real world and interact with it. Reflections, shadows, they put some real detail into it. The show itself is honestly kinda dull, it's a childrens show, so not much to ask, it did make me realize though how old Kugimiya is though and how its kinda creepy that she's still voicing children in that high pitch shreak of hers, despite being like almost 40. It's not doing airing, so no rating.
Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume - The surprise hit for me this season, I never would've guessed that I would've enjoyed this show so much. Usually there's a single show that I count down the days til episode release for every season, and it's this show this time around. Shattering my belief that Agari would kill the show by displaying a horribly unappealing inferiority complex, the show had non-stop ping pong for the good part of it and only took a few sidetrips into normal SOL territory. The characters were all so cute and despite having less screentime than the main cast, the rival school had as much depth in them as they interacted with each other. Based off this and ping pong, I want to say that maybe Ping Pong is something I like watching in anime? One thing I still don't understand is why shows bother explaining the basics in something as well known as ping pong. Even if I didn't know the difference between pips and rubbers, coloured one liners by the cast could fill me in just as well as cutting away and explaining it to the viewer. It's especially confusing when shows explain what Japanese holidays are despite being made for a Japanese audience. It's not that bad in this show, but I could definately do without it. Oh yeah, there's also the sweat, the sweet delicious sweet. Sweet, delicious, sweat. A sweet, and delicious 6/10.
To Be Hero - This seemed pretty interesting from the synopsis and upon watching the first few episodes, it was a great show. It's too bad that the 2nd of the half of the show wasn't as funny. I'm not sure why, but starting from the 2nd half of the season, the MC's daughter, Min, had this strange discolouration around her lips, almost like she was eating shit or something. I don't know, it just kept bothering me everytime I saw here and I couldn't figure out what effect they were trying to go with, because it couldn't be her lips or shadow. Still a pretty fun show, I gave it a 5/10.
Watashi ga Motete Dousunda - I picked this show up after seeing some reaction images and Kobayashi Yuu has probably got one of the best crazy lady voices around, the fujo screams from the MC made the show for me, and unlike most shows, it's not cut and clear who would win the Serinumab owl. My main enjoyment from this show was the MC's fujo craze, which died down as her harem each got their own developement arcs, but overall, the show kept it's steam pretty well. Also a 5/10.
WWW.Working - I like Miyakoshi, I like Muranushi, the others I don't really care about. Both them had developing stories, which was good, it made me happy. Besides that, jokes were always same. 5/10.
Yuri!!! On Ice - The first episode left me a little unsure to how this show would pan out animation wise, but and the first half was pretty dull, but once they hit the rink and the season started, man the show just got so much better. MAPPA must've reused alot of animation, there's no way they couldn't have, with non-stop skating for like 5 episodes, but never did I get a case of deja-vu, even when they repeat their performances, there's subtle but noticeable changes in how the skate, which reflect how they grow throughout the season. Accompanied with the best OST this season, it definately captured the best of watching figure skating. The gay was there, but I believe you can brush it off, it's not nearly as obnoxious as some yuri shows can be. I'm sure you can ask anyone and they'd give a different podium finish due to how likeable and different the characters are, for me, first place would obvious- I'M THE KING JJ NO ONE DEFEATS ME, THIS IS WHO I AM BABY, JUST FOL- A 6/10.