MALstats v0.92.5 and Popularity vs Rating

Added hipster score as an option in user graphs, a quick addition.

I was curious to see if there was a relation between a show's hipster score and it's rating, and sure enough, it's true. The more popular a show is, the higher tendency it has to be rated higher as well. At first, I looked at just the average rating every 10th percentile and logically, the average rating decreases the less popular a show is. I then decided to plot it out to see the distribution and it's interesting to see the way the ratings curve at the end, how the ratings curve towards an integer as the number of viewers decrease.

The outlier laying around the 90th percentile with the average of 5.7 is funny enough, Sword Art Online for anyone interested, and the other 6 shows in the bottom left region are Utsu Musume Sayuri, Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven, Nami, Mars of Destruction, Shitcom, and Pupa.

Sample size was 534 users.