MALstats v0.93

I have an idea. Implement booru style tagging for shows. If I can get enough people working on this, I think a reasonable recommendation system can be created. I know AniDB has a good tag system, but it's an interesting goal to work towards and opened up me making pages for anime. You can view information about an anime by going to /mal/anime/title here, or through its ID. Getting the redirect to work with search queries containing spaces also allowed for group names to also support spaces, so that was a pretty nice unintended benefit. Currently, an anime's page only displays barebones info about it, and a graph that shows when people watched the show and their rating. A good idea provided by a friend got me to display non-completed entries as striped, which I carried over to user timelines as well. Getting the stripes was somewhat a pain because at first I thought it was going to be super complicated, and after figuring it was simple, that it was going to be super tedious, but it was actually quick to implement, and then there was further frustration at getting a good striped look. Will have to see what other neat graphs could be placed on these pages.