MALstats v0.94

A slurry of new content and updates for graphs.

For the main page, the top 10 most popular seasonals have been moved from the global stats section to a new section; What people watched in the past week. It displays the 15 most popular seasonal and backlog shows that people are watching, as well as the the most popular shows that were just finished by people.

User metahistory now follows the same style as the rest of the graphs, and most graphs have been updated to have a locked y-axis. The timeline had some additional updates as well. The status of the show is now reflected in the bar and a legend is provided for users to interpret. Days watched and hipster score has also been added as new history graphs, though days watched is not completely accurate since it uses only episode history.

3 New global graphs, Studio timeline, Genre timeline, and Popularity vs Avg Viewer vs Rating. I also brought the populary vs rating graphs to the standard style. The studio and genre ones are identical and are used to see the popularity/rating of the selected studios/genres over time. An interesting tidbit I found was did you know that around 16% and 12% of TV shows made in 2010 were Ecchi and Harems? That's over 1 in every 10 shows! Thankfully that's dropped since. The 3rd graph was an attempt at creating a 3d graph comparing how many people have seen a show, what they rated it, and how much anime the average watcher of that show has seen. Essentially I just wanted to graph out that the average watcher of a popular show has seen less shows than the average watcher of some more obscure show. Because you can't rotate it, it's not very readable however. When I flattened the graph though however, having the average rating as just a colour of the dot, you can almost graph it out as a rational function.

My next goal will be to revamp the groups page to the functionality of the user page.