Guitar stuff

Just got a new guitar strap so I figured I'd make an entry of what I've gotten in the past bit.
First is the pedalboard I bought about 2 months ago, along with the Synth9, Phase90, and Ditto Looper pedals. Not pictured is also a Beat Buddy. The pedalboard is pretty darn convenient just lifting the whole thing into the carrying case and loading it into the car. The 3 new pedals are very fun to use as well. I got the Synth9 to try to emulate some Weezer Pinkerton (I tried a Microsynth at a store and it was beyond me) and besides a few other tones, I haven't yet fully explored the pedal. The Phase90 I usually have set to low for a nice texture that fits in almost with anything else. The Ditto Looper is probably the best addition I got this year, it is such an improvement over the digidelay's 4 second repeat that it I shouldn't have compared the two. I probably have the best results playing with my nylon with lets me add in some percussion, on the LP, it can get muddy with distortion and strong gain. Lastly, the Beat Buddy was something I've been wanting for a while now and it happened to be on sale when I went to go get the looper. Usually 400$, but they had a used one for about 250$. It works pretty well and I have no issues getting it to follow my guitar playing, though I'm still a ways away from perfectly syncing the looper to the beat. I've only been using the presets, hoping the manager will allow more than 2 rhythms, which is what all the presets seem to have.
With my beat buddy and looper, I was pretty much only a bassist away from playing a full rock band my lonesome self. And the solution to that was of course a double neck bass and guitar. Those can be pretty darn expensive though, and I wouldn't be able to play them either because no sane store around me would stock something like this. I got pretty close to buying a DIY kit and was going to go up to the place one weekend to get it, but I decided the cheap quality wouldn't be worth it, so I held off my hunger. Fast forward a few weeks and I was scrolling through Kijiji when I happened upon this. A seemingly high quality doubleneck for only a thousand bucks. A pretty damn good deal, and the guy that sold it to me sold pedals and stuff for a living so he was probably content with slipping a couple hundred off it's real value just to move it fast. I had initial concerns about playing the bass through a guitar amp but it seems to handle it fine. It's also pretty light, not much heavier than my Les Paul; I bought a wide leather strap regardless. I was going to put a telecaster bridge, but I figure I'll just buy an actual tele at some point later instead. Besides the guitar portion being a bit lower than usual, it plays very well, my arm usually mutes the bass strings when I play guitar and playing the bass doesn't seem to resonate the guitar strings.
Lastly, I got a new guitar strap today, featuring the lively characters from Yume Nikki. I had originally ordered washi tape with this design in the spring, and while looking for a strap for the double neck, I figured I may as well get a custom one with the Yume Nikki checkerboard. Mockup I did didn't look that nice though, and later in the week I was looking at the washi tape and realized it was the perfect design for it. I contacted the artist and lo and behold, possibly one of the only Yume Nikki guitar straps in the world. Hella balls to the wall awesome.