Real life anime

Today, we had students from Japan come over to visit our plants. It's a pretty interesting system, these students, who are just highschoolers attend this school run by the company where they are taught the skills needed for the manufacturing world. While I knew of companies (Historically at least) keeping employees for life in exchange for their loyalty and dedication, to see this start at the highschool level is surprising. For them, this must be like some sort of school trip; last year, I saw a group of them walking around town.

I set up the equipment for their plant tour and was asked to come back and stay in case of any issues. With their uniforms and perfect posture, it was like part classroom part orientation. After the presentation, I went to the washroom and if they crossed paths with me, the students would bow and say something. It was like I was their senpai (Which I am), and being the massive weeb I am, I could barely keep a straight face. Feel so moon.