Next Music From Tokyo 11

As always, great show. The bands this time around were not as heavy or energetic as the previous shows, which was fine for me as I was out of wind by the 2nd band.

Nuito destroyed their set, all three members shredded through riffs and beats than the rest of the bands combined. The guitarist and bassist had incredible accuracy with their tapping, and the drummer was on the brink of ripping his drum skins. On the first night, during their set, for a couple seconds, the guitarist played the opening riff to Abnormalize by Ling Toshite Shigure which I asked them about the next day and they told me those guys were an influence for them, pretty cool.

Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu played at NMFT 8 which I missed, and they had a pretty varied sound, from heavy alt to quirky indie to soulful rock ballads. Probably the best band so far at NMFT to sing as a group. Every member sung and made for some nice layered choruses.

Koutei Camera Girl originally I wasn't very impressed with, I was told their were idols that rapped, but on the first night, there wasn't much of that, and it seemed more like run of the mill jpop. The second night though, perhaps it clicked and while a lot of the music is lost on me since I can't understand what they're rapping about, it wasn't that bad in the end.

Jyocho was the only band I had listened to prior to the shows, the guitarist, Daijiro, was in a previous band that I saw at NMFT6 and he blew my mind with his intricate tapping, I had not heard of midwestern mathrock before this. I was able to get my guitar signed by him, also pretty cool.

O' Summer Vacation were the last band to play on friday and the first on saturday. Their friday show had a lot of issues, the vocalist's mic did not work for the latter half of their set, some of their amps would not work either so they could not hear themselves, and the long set up meant only about 30 people were at the venue by the time they played. They didn't really care though, because they were probably smashed drunk and played the heaviest of the 5 bands. It was almost like a comedy duo between the vocalist and the bassist, one ultra genki and the other focused on his playing.