December Music

Some grabs.
Childbite - Michigan band that I saw in Toronto, supporting Unsane. Best band that night I'd say so I got some EPs.

Fishmans - I listened to Long Season for the first time earlier this year and got the CD as fast as I could. After going through the rest of their discography, I decided to pick up the rest of the later output as well.

Mikgazer - This is more a collector's impulse than anything, searching for a copy to buy is always good fun, but it's actually a decent shoegaze collection.

Sufjan Stevens - Saw this earlier in the month and grabbed it, a shame Wallowa Lake Monster isn't on it.
Khomi Hirose - Found this album because of geddan, it's a pleasant jpop album with an excellent closer. Unique case too which is neat.

Huckleberry Finn - Similar to the album earlier, I discovered the band through touhou. I couldn't find their music online though so I went and bought the mini album that contained the song used in the touhou video. After enjoying that album in full, I'm trying another one out, hoping that it captures the same qualities.

Hako Yamasaki - Easy listening folk rock from the 70s that I've listened to from time to time that I decided was worth importing.