MALstats 2 v0.01

At this point I think I'll just increment the build number by a flat one for every post I make.

I had forgotten when I was doing my post the other day about the requeuing system, which was written today. Instead of jamming everyone back on the queue every night, I've decided to space it out and insert people back into the queue if there is a queue worker available. As well, users who are inactive (On MAL, not on here) will be checked less frequently, I added a counter that increases whenever the user's is checked but is found to have no changes, resetting to 0 when there is. Each counter adds a day to the minimum threshold before a list is checked again. This should cut down on time spent checking inactive people. In order of priority on the Queue, I'm hoping it goes like this:

There have been minor fixes on the user page as well (Loading clock only spins once, year list not dynamically sized based on # of decades, average rating taking into account 0s/nulls) As well, because the APIs I've been using are also in development, they can break for certain shows. I've put in some workarounds for those until those are fixed on the API side so that should help cut down on the number of dead shows in the DB that can't get updated.