The city of MAL

Well, MAL's been pretty much dead for a while now, I stopped watching anime when Taiga couldn't update my list for me anymore almost 2 months ago (I started again a few days ago). Because the API has not been restored, MALstats is effectively frozen and I have the perfect excuse to not continue developement. I see some of you still check in for whatever reason and so this is just a piece for you and close my thoughts on this. I tried out Anilist a few years ago for the custom rating categories, but they didn't allow you to see your episode history and it's a shame they still haven't, because they've integrated the majority of what I've wanted MAL to have so you should make the hop over. Me, I'm still sticking with MAL until another service provides episode history; AniDB might but I've yet to make an account there. Thanks to all who've used this.