Monthly /a/ draws from May 2013 to March 2014 that I hosted, some of these tiles were drawn by myself if you can guess which ones

Yoko (Inukami) - Date lost, somewhere between Spring 2012 and Spring 2013

6x6 tiles
The very first one I started, I went to bed, so this was actually stiched together by someone else, the original template is lost

Free! - May 5, 2013

6x6 tiles over 2.7 hours
The first one with the trip I used, people were much more enthustiastic then and this was finished shortly

Yuru Yuri - May 9, 2013

Yuru Yuri
8x5 tiles over 5 hours
The second one, probably the most consistent in color pallete

Bakemonogatari - Aug 21, 2013

8x6 tiles over 8.5 hours
After this was finished, 5 more collabs were started by other people in 3 days

Akira - Sep 9, 2013

6x5 tiles over 24 hours
The longest and slowest collab, monitoring this for a whole day was exhausting

Kill la Kill - Sept 30, 2013

Kill la Kill
6x6 tiles over 22 hours
Triple panties

Cromartie Highschool - Oct 25, 2013

4x7 tiles over 8 hours
One of my favourites, the large number of characters allowed for many people to draw interesting tiles

Kyousougiga - Nov 29, 2013

4x6 tiles over 20 hours
Tied with Akira as the slowest collab, it was then that I tried to see if initial post time and day of the week affected activity

Space Brothers - Jan 3, 2014

Space Brothers
4x7 tiles over 10 hours
Used a screencap, so result was a little uninteresting, I believe multiple people also drew more than one tile

Space Dandy - Jan 29, 2014

Space Dandy
7x5 tiles over 13 hours
Perhaps the best looking one

Samurai Flamenco - Mar 5, 2014

5x7 tiles over 9 hours
The last one I did, I chose this poster because this had a lot of characters, but failed to realize how much blank space it had